GALAX unveils Micron chip DDR5 RAMs

GALAX unveils Micron chip DDR5 RAMs

Computer equipment every 18 months it is growing twice as fast. This situation, technologies available can cause it to wear out quickly. But made for computers memories, It develops a little slower compared to processors or graphics cards. Long used DDR4 memory slowly its place DDR5 leaving it to technology. Although there is no motherboard that supports DDR5 in the market yet, companies are in a tough competition. One of these companies GALAXHas taken action for DDR5 RAM production.

Hong-Kong based manufacturer, more graphics cards famous for.

GALAX takes off in DDR5 RAM production

Next Intel and AMD platforms It is certain that it will support DDR5 RAM. For this reason, RAM manufacturers also To DDR5 memory production has given weight. SK-Hynix and TEAMGROUPDDR5 RAM is the first to be produced. In the past days Samsungfor servers 512 GB capacity Announced that they are developing DDR5 memory.

GALAX DDR5 RAM using Micron’s D8BNJ chip, high frequency and overclocking potential offers. Although the features of the product have not been disclosed yet, Micron has sent the chips to GALAX. The company is already Hall of Fame and Gamer It has two different RAM models. We anticipate that the new DDR5 memory will be released under the name of Hall of Fame.

DDR5 memories in the third quarter of this year It is estimated to be available for sale. However, no firm has given an exact date.

Intel predicted to introduce in September Alder Lake Series, 4800 MHz It will support basic DDR5 RAM frequency. Although there is no exact information yet, leaks are in this direction. Although new Intel and AMD processors support DDR5 technology For DDR4 backward compatibility will also. So users who cannot buy DDR5 RAM in the first place will temporarily the memories in their hands be able to use.

Galax, first in the DDR5 RAM market TEAMGROUP will compete with. Samsung’s except for servers It is not known whether DDR5 RAM is also produced for the desktop computer. However, the predictions are that the leader of the DRAM market, Samsung, will not lag behind. In addition, SK-HynixThere is also the possibility of entering the memory market outside of DRAM chip production.

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