first in Turkey!  Buy and sell luxury cars with crypto money

first in Turkey! Buy and sell luxury cars with crypto money

Since 1982 McLaren, Cadillac, Bugatti and Tesla Bringing more than 11 thousand high-segment cars to consumers, such as Royal Motors, Accept payment by crypto money in Turkey announced that they will be the first automotive company.

Adding crypto currency to its payment options, Royal Motors, a policy in Turkey signed. Now, when customers want to purchase a vehicle from Royal Motors, Pay with Bitcicoin will provide the opportunity.

Car shopping with cryptocurrency

Royal Motors Vice President A.Hilal AysalThe first time this has happened in Turkey to buy and sell cars with crypto money expressed that they are excited about. As in every sector, in the automotive field Saying that technology is of great importance, Aysal conveyed the developments with the following sentences:

The currency of our age, a new generation of crypto currency should be the fastest way to integrate and we accomplished a first in Turkey. Through our cooperation with Bitc of technology, the power of technology taking us back Turkey’s first indigenous crypto-currency payment and we decided to take the Bitcico. very happy and excited to have achieved this innovation, which will be a first in Turkey.


Bitci Teknoloji CEO Onur Altan Tan stated that they are mutually pleased with the cooperation they have made with Royal Motors, an important company in the luxury and sports car segment. Tan said that the use of Blockchain area expands with each passing day, Turkey has stated that spearheaded this new technological field. While he said that shopping cars through Bitcicoin was a first for the company; He explained that accommodation and real estate sectors are next.

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