Final Fantasy XIV received PS5 upgrade: Here's what's new

Final Fantasy XIV received PS5 upgrade: Here’s what’s new

Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 5received both graphics and sound upgrades in open beta. Developer company Square Enix‘ten Matt Hilton, PlayStation BlogHe detailed the improvements for the new console in.

Game in MMORPG format, PlayStation 5 version 4K, 1440p and 1080p It will offer three different processing resolutions.

PS5 version also includes DualSense improvement

The game that has entered the upgrade as an open beta, 1440p ve HD in resolutions 60 fps, 4K if resolution 40 fps It is expected to run at frame rate. Hilton, even in densely populated places where players are 30 fps He believes he will see frame rates.

Square Enix also, to increase the resolution AI using their tools. By manually adjusting the specific parts that need it, the game will start at the beginning of the game. 720p The user interface made for screens has also been upgraded

Additionally, the game for a more immersive experience, 3D included sound features. For example, changing the position of the camera will change the ambient sounds accordingly.

The PS5 version is a version to take advantage of the capabilities of the DualSense controller. The series comes with new haptic feedback and some adaptive triggers. Also, gamers expect faster load times thanks to the PS5.

While the game is only in open beta, PS5 owners will not face any restrictions. In addition, players who have the PS4 version will be able to get the game for free.

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