Feature to make life easier comes to Google Photos

The period of not finding the photo you are looking for in the gallery is coming to an end. According to allegations Google, Photos is working on a new feature for its application. Wishing to improve searches, the company is developing four new filters. These filters will make it easier to search and help you find the image you want more easily. Actually, the application already has a search feature. However, this feature works by location or object. Googlewants to change this situation.

Disclosure from Google to the Competition Authority penalty

Google Photos gets smarter

The source of the allegations is that in the past, thanks to reverse engineering, some features have already leaked. Jane Chun Wong. Twitterposted some screenshots on Wong, new Google Photos revealed the filter. Among the new filters selfies, videos, archives and motion pictures There are top categories such as. By adding new filters such as location and object to these searches, users will find the photo they’re looking for more easily. The new filters will be right under the search bar and the results will appear directly here. Google, has not yet made a statement about the new feature. However, considering that it has reached a point that engineers have discovered, it would not be wrong to expect it to be published in a short time. While the search enhancements will please users, the bad news about the app came some time ago.

Deadlines for free use

Google Photos, becomes paid. Until June 1, 2021, according to the statement made by the company PhotosContent stored in will remain as is. So users will continue to keep their existing photos and videos. However, all content uploaded after June 1 will be transferred to the company’s auto-defined 15 GB free storage right. When this field is filled ABD’li technology giant, users by paying additional fees Google One one of his plans will ask him to buy it.


Users will be able to choose from four different plans. 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB Packages that appear in the form, 5,79 Starting from TL, 28,99 Will go up to TL. Users who cannot find enough space on their phones and want to keep their photos safe will have to buy one of these packages. The company has announced that with these packages, it will offer additional special benefits to members. However, what these advantages will be remains a mystery for now. Well you new Google Photos What do you think about the application? ABDYou can write your thoughts about the new search feature and paid price policy of the technology giant in the comments.

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