Fantasian is now in Apple Arcade - ShiftDelete.Net

Fantasian is now in Apple Arcade – ShiftDelete.Net

Final Fantasy’s developer Hironobu Sakaguchia new role-playing game of “Fantasian”, Released for Apple Arcade. RPG new game in style iOS, Mac and Apple TVcan be played in. Fantasian, Sakaguchi‘nin 2004 founded in Mistwalker stands out as the studio’s last game.

Since the game studio was established The Last Story and Blue Dragon released games like. Fantasiantraditional like turn-based battles RPG Although he uses the elements, designed with handmade physical models and 150‘more than diorama It was released as a game that owns it.

Fantasian shares the same themes as Final Fantasy VI

Most ambitious to join the ranks of Apple Arcade RPG playful Fantasian, with touch controls. But SakaguchiAccording to, the game is intended to provide a console-like experience on mobile devices.

Game yesterday JaponyPublished in a. Developer Sakaguchi Twitter with Final Fantasy VI, one of Fantasian’s other games. “To the same birthday” He stated that he owns and shares similar themes.

The legend of its time Final Fantasy series is still closely followed by many players. Especially with the increasing mobile game trend in recent years, Fantasy fans are expected to welcome the new game.

The game, published exclusively for Apple Arcade, is also a good game for Mac users. RPG constitutes the alternative. It is not yet clear when the game will open in other regions. However, the game has already reached many players in Japan.

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