Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram crashed?

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram crashed?

One of the leading applications of social sharing platforms WhatsApp and Instagram crashed is that Both applications cannot be logged in for a while. Eyes parent company FacebookIt has been translated to. However, no official statement has yet been made from the American-based company.

Update: 14.04.19

Deputy Minister Sayan made statements regarding the said cut. You can find details on the subject in the news below.

Whatsapp and Instagram crashed?

published by downdetector instant server status, in many countries, including Turkey WhatsApp and Instagram The connections of the servers appear to be crashed. So, along with Instagram WhatsApp crashed the news is also correct.

There is no information for now as to why the apps that were interrupted at noon crashed. By the way, the same problem is happening on the Facebook front. Users who want to log into Facebook face a similar problem.

It is not the first time that these platforms have collapsed. Previously, it was on the agenda with the news that Instagram collapsed. In the same way WhatsAppSimilar problems are experienced in. Access problems are often encountered in the European continent.

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