Facebook met with Gaziantep Municipality for craftsmen

Facebook and Gaziantep Metropolitan MunicipalityTurkey’s rich culture and met for artisans who continue to perpetuate traditions. To support local craftsmen and traditional artists who had financial difficulties during the pandemic period Difficult Craft program started.

Hard Craft training program Digital training will be given to participating masters and artists. In the program, the craftsmen Via Facebook platforms They will be supported to build their presence on social media. At the same time, contribution will be made to expand their businesses and to open up to international markets.

Facebook and Gaziantep Municipality launched Zor Craft program

Facebook has trained 32 masters so far as part of the program it started in January. Now Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality The company, which wants local craftsmen and traditional artists to exist on social platforms, also to contribute to the economy of the country wants.

Facebook Middle East, Africa and Turkey Derya Matras Regional Vice President, expressed his excitement about the new training programs. Especially during the pandemic period of our small business owner craftsmen and artists While saying that they are experiencing great difficulties; these veterans are new have difficulty adapting to the mobile economy emphasized. Therefore Tough Craft program He stated that they implemented it.

Difficult Craft

Facebook and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality started a support program for craftsmen.

Turkey Union of Municipalities and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin also underlined that it is very important for citizens to step into the digital world. As many municipalities as possible to support the craftsmen Stating that it is necessary, Şahin said:

Today, we know that small businesses that keep pace with technological development and change have an advantage in reaching the right people regardless of time and place. We join the Zor Craft program launched by Facebook so that valuable craftsmen and traditional artists who add color to our country can have this advantage. Thanks to the digital training offered by this program, we will support the masters of Gaziantep, who have great potential, to introduce their works to the world and to transfer them to future generations.

How to apply for the Zorlu Craft program?

Zor Craft program, where Facebook and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality came together On May 3 starting off Until May 25 to be continued. The program is completely free will continue as. If the application deadline Monday, April 19 at 18:00 as announced. Right now to the link You can fill the participation form by clicking.

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