Ever Given ship, which closed the Suez Canal, was rescued

Ever Given ship, which closed the Suez Canal, was rescued

As the coronavirus continues to occupy the agenda, the whole world has been talking about the Suez Canal recently. Ever Given blocking the channel of the cargo ship named and For 5 days While the channel’s closure has already caused billions of dollars in damage, halen There is no clear date on when the channel will open.

Suez Canalblocking the channel due to running aground in and 65 kilometers Ever Given ship, belonging to Evergreen, was rescued.

The ship Ever Given, sitting on the Suez Canal, was rescued

Since the ships cannot pass, toilet paper It is expected that the prices of some products will increase around the world. 400 meters to this day to save the tall Ever Given From 27,000 cubic meters It was stated that excess sand was dug and the water was reached 18 meters deep.

In addition to the dry cargo ships, especially the oil tankers are waiting for the opening of the canal, causing the financial damage to grow like an avalanche day by day.

Inchcape Shipping In the statement made by the maritime services, “Ever Given started swimming successfully around 4.30 in the morning. It is safe now. More information about the next steps will be shared after learning“Expressions were used.

It is not yet known when the channel will open in full capacity.

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