Donald Trump statement from YouTube: ban may be lifted

Donald Trump statement from YouTube: ban may be lifted

YouTube’a CEO’su Susan Wojcicki “Violence in the real world” explained that if the threat subsided, the platform could lift Donald Trump’s suspension. The platform’s top manager stated that the company will look at government warnings and violent rhetoric to determine when the suspension is safe.

as you will remember January 6‘such Capitol Hill who killed five people after his rebellion TrumpYouTube account was suspended for violating the policy of incitement to violence. In an interview with the Atlantic Council on Thursday, YouTube president said: “It is quite clear that where we are standing now, there is still a high risk of violence.” said.

Donald Trump received his second warning

Wojcicki In addition, he explained that the former President’s behavior did not lead to a complete ban on the platform. Company, three warning systems operates under, and an account must receive within 90 days for all three strikes to be permanently removed. The suspension in January is described as Trump’s first notice.

Trump’s former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, 2020 He received a second warning earlier this week for claiming that the presidential election was stolen. Typically, the initial strike results in a seven-day suspension of an account, but Trump’s was extended due to the ongoing risk of violence.

Large group of pro-Trump supporters on January 6 U.S. CapitolAfter raiding, the former president was removed from the platform at many social media outlets. Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebookremoved from.

Facebook’s Oversight Committee They are currently investigating whether this suspension can be made permanent, but it is not yet clear when they will rule. It should also be noted that, lastly, a criminal complaint was filed against 221 people who were reported to have been involved in the riot.

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