Discord launches Clubhouse-like chat feature

Discord launches Clubhouse-like chat feature

Popular messaging app DiscordThe Clubhouse alternative has opened its new feature. Now users on the platform ‘Stage Channelwith the new window called ‘ audio based live events can edit.

The clubhouse’s rapidly increasing popularity has affected many major mobile applications. Facebook By exhibiting a work like this Live Sound their rooms started testing. Twitter if Spaces continues to develop the beta version for its feature. also LinkedIn, TikTok and Telegram Like the platform, they have already started to prepare their own voice chat rooms. But Discord took action above all and released the expected innovation.

Discord rivals Clubhouse with its Stage Channel feature

Discord brought new voice-based chat rooms to life. Users here interview, book clubs and even karaoke While saying that he can do fun activities like; He stated that users can host conversations without the need for hassle permissions.

Stage Channel published by name new Discord feature from many perspectives Clubhouse’a looks quite similar. Public speaking rooms to control who gets the microphone moderators to be managed by. In addition, the participants to have a say raising hands will ask for permission.


Clubhouse Unlike many similarities of Discord Stage Channel feature it will not show all available live events to users on the homepage. In the discovery menu on the platform, only the activities of the groups you are in will stand out. You will rarely encounter other large communities.

The Discord platform is currently using the Stage Channel feature. Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and web made available in version. Although some users stated that they had difficulty accessing the new feature, the company said that chat channels can be accessed by updating from the app store.


Considering that the Clubhouse application has not yet served Android users; Can Discord stand out on this platform and other operating systems in your opinion? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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