Disclosure from Google to the Competition Authority penalty

Disclosure from Google to the Competition Authority penalty

Competition Authority, He fined Google for promoting its services. Making a statement about the subject Google, He stated that they will examine the decision and take a constructive approach.

Google has released a statement on the Competition Authority penalty

Alphabet Google search engine, part of the roof company, hosts millions of visitors every day. The company, which paid fines due to unfair competition in some countries in the past years, was caught on the radar of the Competition Authority in our country.

Making a statement on the subject, Google officials said, “When it comes to searches for travel or local services, it is consistently shown in the tests that the users want to get information that will help them rather than just a link to another web page. We have therefore developed new ways of displaying information, including booking options, maps, prices or photos. Delivering such relevant results creates more choice and competition while enabling billions of free visits to sites and businesses on the web every day. We will continue to work with the Competition Authority by examining the decision and maintaining our usual constructive approach. ” used the expressions.

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