Digitalization New E-Commerce Regulations in Turkey (2021)

All the work done due to the virus that caused great problems in 2020 has been transferred to digital platforms. One of the biggest shares among these platforms E-Commerce sites. The Ministry of Commerce has realized this situation and opened a draft to create new regulations. The state agreed in the draft wanted to relieve commercial sites. An environment of trust was created by bringing the user and the manufacturer directly against each other. Maybe with the incentives or the arrangements to be made, customers will be able to shop more comfortably and smoothly. Since there will be clarity, errors that occur in commercial events can be easily resolved. With mediation, information can be obtained directly from the first hand instead of problem transfer.

Ministry of CommerceAccording to the draft regulation of Turkey, remote sales producers will appoint a customer representative, and this representative’s contact information will be written on the cargo. From Milliyet newspaper Mithat YurdakulAccording to the quotation of online sales platforms will not be obliged to investigate whether products sold on the web are safe. Access to objectionable products sold on the internet Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) can be blocked, if necessary TV commercials can be asked to be stopped.

Supervisory institutions will be able to obtain samples and examine them by purchasing products sold on the internet confidentially as customers. From the Internet etc. all platforms that sales of domestic and foreign channels, if not ship to addresses in Turkey and Turkish sales in Turkey will be forced to keep the resident service providers. Perhaps the opening of Amazon’s Turkey representative may be due to foresee this situation. Sanctions were sought on Netflix on a similar issue. It was on the agenda that he did not pay taxes because he did not have a representative here. Whether the aim is to maintain the customer-producer relationship or to create different resources, we will see together in the coming days.

The draft regulation to be applied to all products sold via remote communication tools such as the internet and telephone sets the following:

  • Turkish service, with pricing per payment by £ all platforms that shipments to consumers in Turkey will be covered by the regulation.
  • In this context, online sales organizations or established businesses in Turkey, containing products in the hands of built a service provider in Turkey will be asked to be. Foreign online sales companies will not be exempted from this regulation.
  • Those who market their products on the internet or by phone will reflect the warnings and signs that should be found on the products in their advertisements through visuals. These notifications will be stated verbally in telephone sales, and in writing for sales made by written communication (e-mail, etc.).
  • The manufacturer, who sells online or by phone, will appoint an authorized representative.
  • The authorized representative, upon request, will present the necessary information and documents showing the conformity of the product to the inspection body and make a notification if it detects the risky product.
  • Intermediary platforms may also prevent access to content if they detect an inappropriate product in the sale.
  • The name, title, full address, contact information of the representative will be on the product, on the package, on the parcel or on the document to be sent.
  • Internet sites that provide the electronic commerce environment (Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor, N11 etc.), provided by companies or individuals using the media checking the contents, to investigate whether the products in the content are safe and suitable for their technical regulation. will not be held liable.
  • Violating companies can be banned from the sales platform by the ministry and their authorized institutions.

Customer Like Inspection

  • Authorized inspection bodies will make inspections on products sold by phone, e-mail or internet.
  • Market control institutions, internet etc. They will be able to take samples and test the products sold in different environments and request information from companies.
  • Located violation not present in the international platform and database will be blocked in Turkey Turkey be presented to the market of unsafe products.
  • Inspection organizations will be able to order and shop like vendors for testing and inspection of products sold on the internet. These products will be examined and banned if necessary.
  • If a non-conforming product is sold on television or radio advertising, this content will be requested to be removed first.
  • Audit institutions will be able to apply to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) and remove the content if the warning about objectionable products in the internet environment is not implemented by the company.

However, the state will create new Market Surveillance and Control of Electronic Commerce will follow trends with the Central Support and Information System. With this system, scans will be made and violations will be determined regardless of the complaints. In short, the newly created institution Fashion and trends in electronic commerce, internet forums, consumer complaints, and areas that may be popular and risky in electronic commerce in the future will be identified and monitored through the system.

With these new regulations, a more comfortable business environment awaits the customers and producers.

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