Digital Advertising Examples That Will Be Effective in 2021

Digital Advertising Examples That Will Be Effective in 2021

The most effective digital advertising examplesBefore examining, we need to know why digital advertising has become so important. As it is known, our world has entered the digital age. Every job done, every information presented or thoughts to be transferred meet with the server on the digital. Businesses are also aware of this situation and have moved their marketing and advertising activities to digital. While businesses that understand the importance of digital platforms increase their efficiency with their investments, those who cannot keep up with this transformation have lagged behind and perhaps doomed to disappear.

So what are these digital advertising channels? How should it be used? What are the effects of the work done on users? You can find answers to these questions in this article. The examinations made are listed in order of importance.

Digital Advertising Examples

Digital Advertising Examples That Will Be Effective in 2021

1- Google Ads Ads

As stated in the name Google advertising network. It is the area where we manage many ad types. It is of great importance for businesses to benefit from the world’s largest search engine and to use it at the optimum level. Google Adwords (new name Google ADS) The ad formats we can do are as follows. (Click for our Google advertising services.)

Search Advertising: It is an ad format that allows users to increase their visit to the site and get sales or information by placing ads on the words searched in the Google search engine. Thanks to this advertisement, the target audience can be reached directly and the product or service can be marketed quickly. Below is a visual example on this topic.

Display Network: These are visual advertisements that appear on news, sports and video sites, in flash or image format. It is indicated as Google ads in the upper right corner. It has enabled target users to create visual advertisements on their websites. Increase in sales is possible thanks to these ads. The targeting is very important and the chosen visual should address the specified target. The interests of the users, the sites they visit and the keywords they search for can be used.

Video Ads (Truview Youtube): It is the display of video ads of businesses before Youtube videos thanks to the video advertising network offered by Google. This advertising network enables businesses to bring their messages to the user in a short time, to increase their sales and to increase brand awareness. In this ad format, users can switch by clicking on the ‘Skip to video’ option. Therefore, when using this ad network, targeting Youtube channels, videos, interests and keywords as in the display advertisement will have a benefit.

Re-Marketing: The logic in this ad network is to show advertisements to users who visit the website. Targeting is actually showing ads again to users who visit the website and leave without buying. By adding the remarketing tag of an ad account with a remarketing tag to the pages of the websites, it allows users to show all the ad formats described above through a list that allows the users to be followed. Thanks to this advertising network, returns are increasing noticeably.

2- Yandex Ads

Yandex ads also work in the logic of Google Ads. It enables Yandex, one of the most used search engines, to display advertisements determined in searches by triggering keywords. Thanks to these ads, conversion can be targeted. Its interface is more complex than Google Adwords. It is understandable and familiar over time. The usage rate is increasing with each passing year. Digital advertising efforts in 2021We think it is an important channel to be included in

3- Social Media Ads

Under this heading, all social media channels that come to mind can be evaluated. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger ve Linkedin It is an advertising network where businesses meet with users with the help of examples such as. It can be called the most popular advertising network recently. All brands have to achieve the goal they want to achieve, both with the sites themselves and those who are popular among the site users. In this case ‘Influencing MarketingIt is called. That spreads the ad virally WOMM The most important advertising models in its genre seem to be Phenomen communication again in 2021.

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads: With the decrease in organic reach, the percentage of these channels in advertising is increasing. In order to achieve a good result in these advertisements, all outputs of the target audience should be considered and determined, and act accordingly. As a result of the analysis made, the location, language, form and transmission ways of the advertisements vary. Thanks to the business profiles created by companies on Facebook and Instagram, it is also possible to meet users one-on-one. At the same time, businesses meet with their customers through the users here. Appealing to the specified target audience influence advertising activities are carried out with.

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Twitter and Linkedin: Twitter ad models are slightly different from the others. It has 6 different advertisement models. Currently, ad language support is in English only. These ad models include increasing the number of followers, website clicks, sponsored twit, sponsored account, sponsored agenda and advertisements according to the weather. This is a different method from other networks. There are 2 types of advertising models on Linkedin. These are divided into sponsored ads and text ads. CPCs are more costly than other networks.

4- Affiliate Marketing

This ad network is unlike others CPA It is a partnership that works with the ratio of the sale made with. CPC It can also be worked with, but generally advertisers prefer CPA. Conversely, for Retargeting studies CPC is preferred. Affiliate It has a different network from other advertising models. It can be called an affiliate marketing that reaches millions of people. It can also be called brokerage activity. The partnership is made and a certain percentage is taken from the sale. The benefit is payment when there is a sale. In short, to survive in a digital world digital advertising trends It should be used and utilized in an up-to-date manner. Its huge returns cannot be ignored. In case of staying away, it is obvious that companies will be harmful.

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