Diablo II Resurrected will run recordings from 20 years ago

Diablo II Resurrected will run recordings from 20 years ago

Diablo II’nin remaster version Diablo II: Resurrected, offers a nice surprise to the players. The game that is reported to stay true to the original version It will run 20-year registration files. Thus, players will continue where they left off 20 years ago.

Diablo II: Resurrected to open recording files from 20 years ago

2000 Released in Diablo II, It was highly loved and adopted by the players. Aware of interest in the game Blizzard also a remaster announced that they are working on the version and will remain faithful to the original. IGN Middile East made by the team that developed the game interviewrevealed how much health will be given to the original game.

diablo-ii-resurrected-20-year-previous-records-will run

Accordingly, players will be able to throw the recording files of Diablo II, which was released in 2000, into the remaster version and play. Producer speaking on the subject Matthew Cederquist, “Yes, keep them,” he told IGN. The developer team says this is the best feature in the game so far.

Registration files remastered Using it in the game will undoubtedly be an incredible experience for the fans of the original game. Transferring all progress does not only prevent you from having to start from scratch, but the game PC and on the console will demonstrate their cross-save skills. Such that the development record files Nintendo’ya that means you can even install it.

Blizzard, Polygon’a He also said in his statement that the game was not a remake. Rod Fergusson, “We don’t do reverse engineering. We don’t rebuild it and Diablo II We’re not trying to make it look and sound like. Our aim remastered version you played 20 years ago Diablo “Making you play like II.”

You can watch the promotional video of the game posted on YouTube below.

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