Details revealed in PUBG 11.1 update

Details revealed in PUBG 11.1 update

Battle Royale One of the most played games among the style productions PUBG for 11.1 update will be available to all users in the near future. The changes to be made with the update and release notes were shared on the official site of the game. The giant patch will be one of the biggest updates ever. With many changes to be made on the map, weapon and mode, the level of competition in the game will be maximized.

What’s new with PUBG 11.1 patch


The 10th season recently ended. Now, the developer team has completed its work for the 11th season and started the testing phase. Season times will now change as of the 11th season. Seasons will now last for 2 months, 60 days. Start and end dates in previous seasons Survivor Pass was not compatible with. Therefore, due to the change in season time, various adjustments have been made to the ranked reward table.

There has been a big change in displaying the achievements at high ranks to the opponents, a method that players use a lot. Achievements from previous seasons were already on display. However, with the new update, you will no longer be able to use your previous season achievements. Similar and symbolic rewards will only be valid for the season you are receiving.

Ranked reward changes

With the 11th season, the next ranked award changes have been announced. These;

-There have been many changes to the parachute skins of your current rank.

Vehicle skins will no longer be in the ranked reward category.

– Animated emblems will come for Platinum and higher ranks.

A separate nameplate and emblem will be available for the master and top 500 players.

Paramo map is coming

PUBG 11.1 update

PUBG 11.1 update Paroma map

Developer team Paramobrings back to normal and special matches. Haven and Karakin Unfortunately, the maps say goodbye to the players for now. As the Paramo map will be available in the new season, there have been many changes. These changes;

-PUBG Team made many changes to the terrain design in Paramo. Thus, improvements have been made to the map.

-Additional protection items have arrived on the fields for more cover for players. Thus, a bit of the empty land problem ended.

Changes in weapon balances

PUBG 11.1 update

PUBG 11.1 update weapon balances

Based on data gathered from the past season, the PUBG team has made many adjustments to weapon balancing. You can see the adjustments below;

-Mini14: Damage increased from 46 to 47.

-VSS: Increased from 41 damage to 43 damage.

-SCAR-L: Damage increased by one. (Increased from 41 to 42) So it will be an alternative for those who do not use the VSS gun.

-SLR: Horizontal recoil rate increased by 15 percent. The recoil recovery rate decreased from 2.1 to 1.9.

-Beryl: Horizontal recoil rate increased by 5 percent. Again, the horizontal recoil speed increased from 10 to 11. Vertical recoil speed increased by 1.5 percent. Therefore, the use of weapons became a little more difficult.

Full notes of PUBG 11.1 update from here you can reach. The new update is currently in the testing phase and will come to all players in the near future. So you will be able to enjoy the new season.

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