Deadlines for applying to Bayer G4A Turkey Program

Deadlines for applying to Bayer G4A Turkey Program

At the Clubhouse on the evening of 18 March, Bayer this year G4A Turkey, the initiative acceleration program organized for the 4th time in our countryWe talked. Bayer G4A Turkey program manager Melis Soylu, Hackquarters CEO’s Kaan Akin At the event attended by entrepreneurs who were selected for the program last year, all the details about the program were discussed and questions from the audience were answered.

Speaking at the event moderated by Hakkı Alkan, Melis Soylu, presented to entrepreneurs Underlining that the support is much more than 60 thousand TL grant, 100-day mentoring support from Bayer employees and professionals in the sector for the entrepreneurs selected for the program and he stated that he had received trainings and added:

From 2018 grants each year to entrepreneurs, mentoring, training facilities offering support and cooperation have contributed a total of £ 2.5 million worth last three years, the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. The total valuation of 10 of the 19 startups we selected for the program reached $ 55 million. Within the scope of the G4A Turkey program, as Bayer, we we learn a lot from entrepreneurs, and they learn a lot from us.

Clinical and legal processes, field trials, a new business model and we support entrepreneurs with our mentors in every field such as brand creation. We have 18 mentors this year, entrepreneurs selected for the program can easily reach many people and institutions, from doctors to hospitals, farmers to municipalities.

Entrepreneurs talk about the Bayer G4A program contributions

Providing solutions for the treatment of chronic patients and providing direct consultation with doctors Serdar Gemici, co-founder of AI-based voice health assistant Albert Health;

“At first, we created a voice assistant, then we realized that each disease has a different dynamics and we started to make closed circuit programs specific to the disease. When the pandemic emerged, we brought telehealth feature to the application and started to grow considerably. In this period We conducted the process with Bayer and offered free online medical consultations to 1000 women, especially in the pandemic. With the guidance of oncologists, oncology patients were able to meet with psychologists and dietitians online through the application and receive consultancy service.

Enables radiologists to diagnose faster by taking advantage of the power of artificial intelligence. Deniz Aliş, co-founder of the Hevi AI initiative and also a radiologist;

“We applied for Bayer’s intervention acceleration program with an artificial intelligence-based solution that can detect stroke (paralysis) and brain hemorrhage in less than a minute. When it comes to a medical device, you are faced with a lot of certification and regulations. The number of people knowledgeable about the certification process in Turkey after the medical device manufacturing lot less.

As a radiologist, I am working with physicians in the same field and we were afraid of the reaction to artificial intelligence. However, while physicians looked very warmly, we encountered regulations far beyond what we expected. It was quite difficult to give a device the title of “medical device”. Bayer’s support during this process has been enormous. “

During the pandemic process, the equipment and protective product needs that arise in hospitals are developed and produced instantly with fast manufacturing technologies and delivered to the users and took action against the supply problem. Işılay Artut, the entrepreneur of the DestekBizden project;

“Our life has changed with the coronavirus epidemic. We participated in a social responsibility project and with the support of our sponsors, we collected approximately 600 thousand TL in three months. We have produced more than 40 thousand products and sent them to hospitals in order to eliminate the equipment shortage in hospitals due to supply chain problems. “

Developing biological solutions that extend the shelf life of the fruits during the time they reach the end user from the field. Arda Örçen, one of the founding partners of Nanomik;

“30 percent of fruits and vegetables are lost before they come to the counter. With the biological solutions we developed as nanomic, we have succeeded in extending their shelf life without compromising their quality. We carried out serious work with Bayer thanks to the G4A Turkey program, we worked with high value-added fruits such as grapes and cherries before harvesting. We got very good results. “

March 21, 2021 – Sunday is the Last Day!

Schedule until Sunday, March 21 You can apply through the website and get detailed information about the program from the website.

G4A Turkey to 2021; Entrepreneurs who offer innovative and digital solutions for health, agriculture, radiology and environmental health, who have passed the idea stage, have a lean product, a prototype or an advanced enterprise, can participate.

Entrepreneurs will receive a 100-day online training program and mentoring support in the program, in which selected initiatives will be supported with a grant of 60 thousand TL. In addition, Bayer will contribute to the development of their products by expanding their networks with the cooperation opportunities it offers.

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