Crusader Kings 3 gets first paid DLC

Crusader Kings 3 gets first paid DLC

Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords your game first paid DLC‘and, 16 Mart 2021will be released in. To be published DLCReflect the Scandinavian theme. This package Crusader Kings 3 Although not a full-scale expansion package for Northern Lords to the players “Dozens of new stories and raiding foreign shores, gritty winters or building a new Viking land” will continue to offer the chance.

DLC will reflect Scandinavian culture

DLC With it, players will have the chance to establish a new kingdom and establish power in foreign lands. Moreover, Holy Norse warriors, shield and poets will be available as new character roles.

on the other hand Scandinavian culture As this is the focus of the package, players’ runicas It will allow them to immerse themselves in this world by doing everything from planting to honoring your ancestors and sacrificing prisoners in a sacred stain ritual.

There will also be DLC new Dynasty legacies, cultural innovations and other events that will add depth to these new experiences.

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