Court ruled: Apple 'knowingly' sold defective Mac

Court ruled: Apple ‘knowingly’ sold defective Mac

Apple’s 2019’a January It was decided on the screen problem that it came to the agenda in February. 2016 and above models, screen cable court due to damage caused by wear and tear technology companyfaces a huge charge.

FlexgateThe problem called “” was causing various errors by wearing out the screen cable as a result of the continuous turning on and off of the screen. The problem that initially caused light reflections extending from the bottom lath upwards caused results up to screen tears.

Apple solved the problem but couldn’t escape from the decision

After the problem faced by the users, the decision regarding the incident was taken to the court. The judge running the case Edward Davila, flexgateAllowing the case to continue, decided that Apple should know they would fail and continue to sell them anyway.

In addition, the judge on the subject, “The court found that pre-release test claims, along with allegations of significant customer complaints, were sufficient to demonstrate that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect.” found in the description.

Macbook ESC problem

After the decision, no explanation has yet been received from Apple on the subject. However, according to the claims, the process seems to continue for a long time.

Of course, after the problem, Apple resolved this problem in its new models and changed the screen cable it used. The process remains uncertain for now.

How do you evaluate this decision made by the court? Do you think it is an appropriate and correct decision? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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