Clubhouse-like feature coming from Discord

Clubhouse-like feature coming from Discord

Set out with the voice chat concept and reach millions of users in a short time Clubhouse The wind of the application does not stop. After the application became popular in a short time, many social media giants, Clubhouse started to bring similar features to their own applications.

Facebook, Twitter, ─░nstagram and TikTok Apparently the last application that joined the caravan after such applications Discord it will be. One Reddit According to the share made by the user, Discord, voice chat feature will bring it into practice soon.

New feature to come to Discord application will be “Stage Channel”

Reddit user, with a screenshot he shared Discord The name of the new feature that will come to the application “Stage Channel ‘‘announced that. However, the user is currently unable to log in to this option, the feature is likely to beta stated that it is in the stage.

As known Discordis a very popular application among gamers. Voice, written and with a view enabling conversation Discordis a platform where limited people chat.


The name of the new feature that will come to the Discord application will be “Stage channel”.

There are currently text, voice and announcement channels. DiscordBy bringing the feature of the Stage channel to the application, it will create a section where only certain people speak, just like in Clubhouse, and where those who want to speak demand a “right to speak”. In short, we can call this section the Clubhouse …

The question mark is when the new feature will meet with users for the time being. However, considering that the feature is still in beta stage, in the coming months We can say that the stage channel feature will come.

Clubhouse application reached millions of followers in a short time with its voice chat concept.

It is difficult to specify at the moment what kind of a result almost all social media giants develop Clubhouse-like features. However, the fact that the Discord application already has similar features will ensure that the new feature will not show up too much in the application.

What do you think about the new “Stage channel” feature of Discord application, can it be as successful as Clubhouse, we look forward to your comments.

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