Clubhouse alternative Twitter Spaces is coming to the web

Clubhouse alternative Twitter Spaces is coming to the web

Twitter, The new live and voice chat platform that works similar to Clubhouse Spaces he’s working hard on it. Before opening the platform to all users this month, the social media company, Spaces for desktop users webConfirmed that it can be used in.

At this time, users can only add Twitter to Spaces. iOS ve AndroidYou can participate via the mobile application in. However, Clubhouse is only available to iPhone users. Therefore iOS, Android and having Spaces on the desktop TwitterIt is thought to give a great advantage to.

Spaces web works similarly to mobile

Twitter verified the desktop version of Spaces to The Verge today. Verification, researcher Jane Manchun WongIt came shortly after Twitter spotted the Spaces interface, which on the desktop version of Twitter looked basically the same as the mobile version.

Interestingly, a developer working on the Twitter Spaces team, Tweet had already shared the feature running on the web a few days ago.

Additionally, Spaces iOS’even though it is available only iPhoneand that iPadLet us point out that it does not work in. According to the new information, it is thought that the application will be activated on the iPad with the desktop version feature.

With Spaces, Twitter users can create different rooms to chat with other people using only their voices. This feature was made available to a limited number of users, but now almost everyone has access to it as the official version approaches. Twitter, SpacesIt has not yet specified when it will be available on the web.

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