Chinese mine smugglers caught with 300 graphics cards

Chinese mine smugglers caught with 300 graphics cards

Graphics card stocks has been in trouble for a long time. Introduced in late 2020 RTX 30 and RX 6000 serisi video cards are almost unavailable. The main reasons for the stock shortage are increase in chip demands and miners. For miners CMP under the name a separate series of graphics cards Announcing NVIDIA, 30HX and 40HX launched its models. According to the latest reports, Hong Kong police belong to Chinese mine smugglers 300 CMP HX30 graphics card seized.

Hong Kong police seize 300 NVIDIA CMP HX30 graphics cards from Chinese mine smugglers

Ethereum and BitcoinThe increase in to mining directed. Especially Chinese miners, from a large number of mining farm founded. According to estimates, China is makes up 65 percent. So much so that Chinese miners, due to cheap electricity It established new farms in many countries such as Iran and Mongolia. These farms established in some countries increased power outages caused.

Some countries that cannot tolerate these farms more banned. However, it turned out that there were people trying to mine cryptocurrencies despite the ban. Hong Kong police, Owned by Chinese mine smugglers 300 graphics cards seized. Made in the newsAlthough it is not stated exactly why these graphics cards were seized, it is estimated that they are linked to the bans.

Although the smugglers fled, exotic fruits, smartphones and many other electronic gadgets were seized. The value of captured technological products is $ 257,000.

Your players unable to find video cardThe reaction caused an avalanche of reactions. Who are not indifferent to this situation NVIDIA, for miners CMP series announced. CMP 90HX The entry-level card of this series, based on the external Turing architecture, is 30HX model. This video card is on the GeForce side GTX 1660 SUPER’e think is coming.

For miners discrete graphics cards generation may seem like a good idea at first. However, many miners do not use these cards. does not want to buy. The reason for this is that if the mining goes down, the cards cannot be sold on a second hand to be. In your hand To RTX 30 series The miner, who has a graphics card belonging to him, can dispose of his graphics cards if he gives up his excavation work. However nobody CMP series graphics card If he does not want to buy it, it will be difficult to dispose of it.

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