Chinese hackers attack Uyghurs' Facebook accounts

Chinese hackers attack Uyghurs’ Facebook accounts

Chinese hackers Uighurs fake Facebook profiles and attempted to hack through fake websites. In a short time, the company announced that it was blocking these accounts by taking them under control.

Chinese hackers, according to Facebook’s statement Muslim Uyghur activists, journalists and to opponents made an attack. Of targeted profiles Turkey, Kazakhstan, Syria, Australia, Canada and ABDIt turned out to include individuals living in. The team that carried out the attack Earth Empusa or Evil Eye It became clear that there was a group known by name.

Close to 100 malicious Facebook accounts blocked

Hackers ‘intent to Uyghur users’ devices malware was to infect. Via computer or smart phones to fake content links they tried to persuade them to click. Themselves Uyghur activist The hacker group created fake websites with almost identical links to the reputable news sites of its target audience.

Facebook The company made its first statements on the subject. About 100 fake Facebook profiles detected. The company immediately intervened, eliminating the accounts. also hackers They specially informed the people believed to be targeted by. At the same time they said the following words:

A cyber espionage campaign took place on our platform. First of all, they didn’t directly share the malware itself. Instead, they attacked by posting links to fake websites.


Facebook announced that the hacker group has good resources.

Who is behind the hacker group that attacked the Uighurs?

Facebook company’s cyber security team said as a result of their research that the group that attacked the attack was known as Earth Empusa or Evil Eye. Company hackers that you have good resources and that they are carrying out a persistent operation explained. After these statements, many people think between hackers and the Chinese government whether there is a link came up. But such a relationship could not be established for now.

However, in the reports Beijing Best United and Dalian 9Rush Technology Co Ltd Two companies named. Malicious for the hacker group of these Chinese companies attacking Uyghurs Android apps it turned out that they developed.

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