China's Sinovac vaccine efficacy was apparent in Turkey

China’s Sinovac vaccine efficacy was apparent in Turkey

Phase 3 studies of China’s Sinovac vaccine began in Turkey in October. Vaccine effectiveness rate 83.5 percent output. If the rate of preventing hospitalization 100 percent.

Ministry of Health, the Covidien-19 to fight, be sure that the safety and efficacy of a vaccine for administration to move quickly past citizens, Turkey, produced by the Chinese company Sinovac origin Coronavac had been involved in clinical trials of the vaccine.

Phase-3 effectiveness rate of Sinovac vaccine is 83.5 percent

At the press conference held at Hacettepe University, Prof. Dr. Serhat √únal and Prof. Dr. Murat Akova made statements.

According to the report data prepared on the Phase-3 clinical trials initiated on September 14, within the scope of the study Vaccine and placebo (empty vaccine) were administered to 10 thousand 250 people. Vaccine effectiveness rate according to test results at 83.5 percent detected. If the rate of preventing hospitalization 100 percent as announced.

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During the research process, no deaths were encountered in people who received both vaccines and vaccines. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine was 91.23 percent in the first interim results.

Most common side effects with Sivonav vaccine

The most common side effects in Chinese vaccine Sinovac; 9.8 percent fatigue, 7.6 percent headache, 3.8 percent muscle pain, 2.5 percent fever, 2.4 percent chills, and 1.6 percent pain at the injection site, the most common local side effects.

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