Charging station has become mandatory in parking lots

Charging station has become mandatory in parking lots

Today Official newspaperCharging stations have become mandatory in parking lots within the scope of the new regulation published in According to the decision taken by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, 22/2/2018 dated and Official Gazette No. 30340released in Parking Regulation The clause of the first paragraph of Article 3 has been changed.

Compulsory parking as a result of the decision 20 or more In the building license applications for the new buildings to be made, the obligatory parking areas are not less than 1, but at least 5 percentaccording to the relevant standards. including charging unit It will be required to be arranged in accordance with electric vehicles.

The decision taken can increase the demand for electric cars

According to the prominent articles of the new regulation, the construction, maintenance and operation of public parking lots in the areas covered by the metropolitan municipality related procedure and the basics to be determined by metropolitan municipalities.

With the new area and public parking lots to be built Shopping Mallin parking lots belonging to the at least 10 percent At the rate, the condition of arranging the parking lot in accordance with the relevant standards in accordance with the electric vehicles (including the charging unit) will also be sought.

electric utility vehicles 2

Within the scope of the regulation from thirty thousand square meters at least one of the charging units to be installed in large shopping malls, from seventy thousand square meters in large shopping malls, at least two fast charging It must also have the capacity.

In addition, according to the information in the Official Gazette, a decision can be taken by the administrations to increase the number of electric vehicle parking spaces according to the need.

The entire text of “MANAGEMENT REGARDING AMENDMENTS IN THE PARKING REGULATION” published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. from here you can take a look.

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