Call of Duty: Mobile's new season is on its way

Call of Duty: Mobile’s new season is on its way

The new season of Call of Duty Mobile will be out soon. Activison, Call of Duty: Mobile introduced the new season for. Developer Twitter in his share from his account In season 3 confirmed that a new gun was coming to the game.

A new map is also on the way, according to the teaser released for the new season. The third season of the game continues to attract great attention from social media.

Modern Warfare’s weapon comes to Call of Duty: Mobile

A user named CharlieIntel states that the new pistol is Renetti from Modern Warfare. Modern WarfareThe gun, which can defeat enemies with four body shots, seems to double the excitement in the mobile version with its very strong structure.

According to the tease below, the new map looks like a classic Call of Duty map with inner and outer lanes that can fit a number of different play styles.

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently in the middle of Season 2 but based on these teasers ActivisionIt is thought that the new season will start relatively soon.

How did you find the new season trailer of Call of Duty: Mobile? Do you think the game, which has been criticized by the players for the cheats, will be able to solve this problem in the new season? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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