Boston Dynamics workshop viewed for the first time

Boston Dynamics workshop viewed for the first time

Boston Dynamicsdesigned to give their money’s worth in recent years, capable of running, jumping, somersaults and even stylish capable of dance moves He has made a name for himself by building incredibly agile machines.

In this way, it has increased its popularity a lot. Boston Dynamics The number of questions asked about has increased. Of course, one of the most curious questions is of course design workshop of robots Sounds how it happened.

Boston Dynamics isn’t afraid to make mistakes

A technology company that rarely opens its doors to anyone other than employees, “for years” To answer the question asked 60 Minutes of CBS to his team, Massachusetts for workshop exclusive access right gave.

60 Minutes on the website video, Anderson Coopertouring the workshop and founder and president of Boston Dynamics. Marc Raibert showing her acquaintance with some staff, including Also in the video Raibert says the following about the company;

Marc Raibert

“Anyone who follows trials and issues with Boston Dynamics robots like Spot, Atlas, and Handle will know when things go wrong, not just when they go right. Failure is a big part of the development process at Boston Dynamics. ”

In addition to this speech, Raibert explained the motto of the team as follows: “Do it, break it, straighten it.” Also founder, people and animals alike have recently movement and balance He talked about an extraordinary video where he put together a few of his advanced robots for a dance session showcasing his skills. Raibert states that the project took eight months to work and run.

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