Blue Origin Shepard will rehearse astronaut on its flight

Blue Origin Shepard will rehearse astronaut on its flight

Blue Originβ€˜in 15. New Shepard launch window for test flight 14 April 09:00 It will open in eastern time. Code name NS-15 This particular test will serve as a verification for vehicles and operations before flying astronauts into suborbital space.

With this test, Blue Origin will take the opportunity to conduct astronaut operational exercises. Of course, when the spacecraft takes off, there will be no people on the ship. But the company staff will act as astronauts and enter the capsule before and after the flight.

Astronauts will communicate with the command center

Before launch astronaut Those who will act will climb the launch tower, sit in their seats, fasten their seat belts, and conduct a communication test with the capsule communication device at the command center.

Blue Origin

The turret operations team will close the capsule cover from the inside while preparing the vehicle for launch. But β€œastronautsβ€œ, The new Shepard will come out of the capsule before it actually takes off.

After the reusable vehicle returns to the ground, staff will enter the capsule again to rehearse the hatch opening and then exit the landing site.

Blue Origin 2000β€²for suborbital space tourism since the mid-eighties New Shepard It is developing the booster and capsule system.

Of vehicle January happened in On the 14th test flightThe company uses the redesigned crew capsule as the best possible “The astronaut experience” tested to ensure. In addition, Blue Origin put a six-seat vehicle and booster to the test for the first time.

At that time CNBCAccording to the company, the company hoped to make its first crewed flight in early April.

Obviously, this situation will not happen. But still NS-15and live images of astronaut rehearsal procedures on Blue Origin. from the website you can watch.

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