Bloodborne PS5 version may look like this video

Bloodborne PS5 version may look like this video

Mod a new one released by the producers video, Bloodborne’un 4K with upgrade 60 FPS’te showed that it was working. The mode in question, Bloodborne likely to come for PS5 It gives an idea of ​​how the game will look in its update.

Bloodborne PS5 patch based on another patch

Bloodborne’un Sony’s next generation console PS5’e the future was thought. However, the update in question never came. But Digital Foundry A video published by the game was enough to excite the fans of the game. Well the game as shown in the video 4K resolution and 60 FPS’e how did it arrive?

bloodborne-ps5-version may look-like-this-video

An enhancement or debug on the video PS5 working on a modified Bloodborne The version is displayed. This is the upgrade PS4’e It explains how it applies to a specific game. On the other hand modification, mod producer Lance McDonald’ın Bloodborne in October and unofficial 60 FPS based on patch.

The makers of the game cited the aging hardware of the PS4. 720p as he had put it on the market. McDonald’s mode is the game 1080P and 60 FPS’te stated that it was possible to run. However, it still did not recommend using the feature for 8th generation consoles. Digital Foundry’nin he made article if, Lance McDonald Images of the mod developed by 1080P’den 4K’ya used AI upgrades to mine. Although the upgrade attempts are good enough to be published Digital Foundry He shared that he also encountered some problems during the transition.

However the game 4K and 60 FPS Although it seems technically possible to play as, if you do not have a PS5 development kit, you will not be able to take advantage of the mod. However, considering that the games released for PS4 and Xbox One have received an upgrade one by one, the PS5 update for Bloodborne does not stand out too far.

While gamers wanted Boodborne to come to PS5, developer Raven Software, Game of Thrones’un the author George R. R. Martin It should be noted that he is working on the open world RPG game Elden Ring, which was created together with.

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