Black Shark 4 release date has been finalized!

Black Shark 4 release date has been finalized!

Expected game phone Black Shark 4 The company finally confirmed the launch date. At the same time, new leak details have emerged from the series, which is expected to be released in two different versions.

Xiaomi’s player-focused sub-brand, the latest flagship phone family last year In march had announced. Black Shark 3 While the devices released under the name of the company reached serious sales figures around the world; It has been learned that now the company will not break this tradition and a launch will take place in March.

When will Black Shark 4 be released?

The game-focused smartphone manufacturer has released the release dates of its new devices on the Chinese social media network Weibo today. The series that will attract attention with its strong performance according to the promotional poster shared 23 Mart’ta will be introduced. Here Black Shark 4 and 4 Pro we will finally have the chance to meet its models.

Black Shark 4

The release date of Black Shark 4 has been announced.

Black Shark CEO’su Luo Yuzhou, Fully charged in 15 minutes He informed us that we are dealing with a series that can be imagined. “Groundbreaking PowerThe phone family coming with the slogan will be officially on the market next week.

Features expected from the Black Shark 4 series

Google Play Console, TENAA and 3C platforms PSR-A0 model number displayed with Snapdragon 870 device with chipset Black Shark 4It is believed to be none other than. The information in the reports is that this phone is 6.67 inches. 144Hz with refresh rate Full HD+ It says it includes a resolution screen. In the camera setup of the model with a triple camera system 64 megapixels and 48 megapixels lenses are expected to be worn.

On the same platform With model number KRS-A0 and Snapdragon 888 If the visible device with the processor Black Shark 4 Pro is estimated to be. 108 megapixels The phone that will draw attention with its main camera 4,500 mAh pill capable of. Same time 120W fast charging Comes with support. Also, both devices are right out of the box Android 11 It will work with the operating system.

As in the previous generation, the device In the 600 dollar price band It is expected to be released to the market. What do you think is the ideal price range for Black Shark 4? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!

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