Black Shark 4 fast charging confirmed: 5 minutes to recharge

Black Shark 4 fast charging confirmed: 5 minutes to recharge

Black Shark 4 series will be officially released tomorrow. Xiaomi’s game-focused sub-brand expects to meet with consumers with two ambitious devices. First of all, these phones, which stand out with their powerful processor, also have ambitious features in charging. The company has now shared some details on this issue with users before the launch.

Black Shark 4 fast charging confirmed

From his official account today announcement doing Black Shark, of new player phones 120W fast charging confirmed that it will come with. Also in the box of these phones again 120W supported 6A There will also be a wired charger. It seems that the company will not join the list of companies that keep up with the environmentally friendly products trend for a while.

Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4 will come with 120W fast charging support.

This poster shared by Black Shark, devices 4.500 It also confirms that it will come with a mAh battery. In addition, according to the official statement made, this battery, Up to 50% filling in 5 minutes will be able to perform the operation. However, how this will affect the battery in terms of health is a mystery for now.

Other leaked features

According to previously leaked information, Black Shark 4 series, respectively; Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 870 It will be powered by chipsets. Of these Pro While the Snapdragon 888 is preferred in the model, the lower feature Snapdragon 870 will be preferred in the standard model. Also the entry model Shark 4, First gaming phone with Snapdragon 870 will also bear the title.

New in terms of display Black Shark series, provided by Samsung E4 AMOLED It will come with the panel. 6.67 This screen, which is inch in size, is also 1300 It will also support brightness up to the nite. First of all, let’s not go without mentioning the refresh rate. Because in the game monster devices of the brand; 144Hz’e up renewal, 720Hz’e sampling rate will be included. This promises flawless fluidity to mobile players even in harsh conditions.

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