Bitcoin is running to record again!  Exceeded 54 thousand dollars

Bitcoin rebounded: $ 59k

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, is on a record again. Virtual currency After a week of decline, he started the new week with hope. Bitcoin, which gives hope to its investors in the new week, at noon on Tuesday 60 thousand dollars withstood the dam.

The past week 55 thousand dollars The virtual currency that closes at the barrage, as of noon on Monday 3 thousand dollars suddenly rose. Making a quick introduction to the new week Bitcoincontinues to rise in the new day.

Bitcoin ‘den Turkish lira new record worth

Virtual currency, which had a good momentum as of Monday, started Monday night. 57 thousand dollars closed at level. The crypto currency, which was fluctuating all night, moved again towards noon and 2 thousand dollars suddenly rose.

Also your dollar 8.30 TL Crypto money, as it reaches the level of Turkish lira It also broke a new record in value.

Soon 50 thousand dollars receding to the level of crypto currencyWith its rise again, it started to attract investors. Investors who lost thousands of dollars in the past days flock to Bitcoin to regain the money they lost.

To the new day $ 57,389 starting with Bitcoin, hours 13:30 as of From $ 59,036 trading.


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