Bitcoin exceeded $ 61,000 and broke the record again!

Bitcoin for the first time 60 thousand dollars and broke a new record. Bitcoin, which has more than tripled in value since the end of last year, continues to be supported by well-known companies that have adopted it as a payment method.

The rise is due to US stimulus package

However, some analysts say that this latest increase is partly confirmed by this week’s massive ABD It is stated that it stems from the incentive package. In addition, Bitcoin’s total market cap last month $ 1 trillion Let’s point out that it exceeds.

However, Bitcoin has an interesting history of price fluctuations and 2009It has dropped sharply several times since it was created in. According to the BBC’s report, the latest rises have been triggered by large companies.

as you will remember February Elon Musk in electric car announced that Tesla has purchased $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and will accept it as payment for its cars in the future.

on the other hand Mastercard While planning to accept certain cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, the world’s largest asset manager is exploring ways to use the BlackRock digital currency.

Covid-19 The outbreak also played a role in Bitcoin’s price surge as more people are going online for shopping, moving away from physical coins and banknotes.

Critics argue that Bitcoin is less of a currency and a speculative trading tool open to market manipulation. There are also concerns about their environmental impact, as large amounts of energy are required to process Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin 14 March Sunday as of morning hours From 60 thousand 619 dollars trading.

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