Bensu Soral is also at NFT!  His work was sold for 4 thousand dollars

Bensu Soral is also at NFT! His work was sold for 4 thousand dollars

Famous actress Bensu Soral From “RIP Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant your picture NFT sold as. The work that went up for auction last week, OpenSea found a buyer from a remarkable number on the platform named.

In the whole world crypto art current continues unabated. This week Kristina Kim a young artist named the world’s first three-dimensional digital home Sold as NFT, For 515 thousand dollars He had a close income. Turkish cartoonist to the trend that many painters, musicians and creative content producers pay attention to. Tarik Tolunay had also joined. The artist’s work is here 36 from a thousand dollars found a buyer. Now it’s time for the young and talented actor we are familiar with on television screens.

Kobe Bryant official earned Bensu Soral nearly $ 4,000

An homage to Koba Bryant RIP Black Mamba formal Bensu Soral by last week OpenSeauploaded to. Finally, on the platform that offered artworks to auction over crypto money, the bids were ended and the work was sold. Pencil drawing 2,5 ETH (Etherium) delivered to the recipient in return. About the famous actress from the table 3 thousand 950 dollars earned income.

RIP Black Samba

The “RIP Black Samba” chart was sold as NFT for 2.5 ETH.

Bensu Soral presented his new paintings as NFT.

Kobe Bryant After the charcoal drawing, Bensu Soral uploaded other drawings to the platform. Five different works drawn since 2018 From 0.9 ETH (1,535 thousand dollars) went to auction with starting figures. All of the pictures iPad Pro from your device, Procreate It was added to the notes that it was prepared with the program.

NFT Among the new works on sale as Kids of TB The table named also attracted attention. Master director in his painting Tim BurtonSoral pays homage to 2.75 ETHpublished with an auction starting from.

Kids of TB

“Kids of TB” is on sale as the official NFT.

Non-Fungible Token the madness continues to spread unabated. This month Guccithat it produces digital shoes; Twitter founder Jack DorseyWe saw that 15 years ago, he sold his first tweet for $ 2.9 billion. Same time BanksyThe Morons table worth 95 thousand dollars was also burned and turned into a digital asset; Elon Musk added music to the crypto art movement and announced that he would sell his work as NFT.

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