Bad surprise for tweet undo feature from Twitter

Bad surprise for tweet undo feature from Twitter

It turned out that Twitter is experimenting with a tweet-back feature earlier this month. Although Twitter allows users to delete tweets, it is not possible to undo and edit tweets. According to a newly emerging information, this editing feature will not be available for everyone.

Will Twitter, tweet retrieve feature be paid?

At the beginning of the month Jane Manchun Wong application developer, in Twitter codes undo tweet discovered a code associated with it. There is a possibility that the feature that offers the ability to undo and re-edit the shared tweet may be paid.

Wong discovered a particularly relevant subscription screen today. Twitter has been working for a paid membership for a while. Inside this subscription system, tweet undo feature As will take place.

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Especially it turned out in a survey conducted by the relevant Twitter. In the survey, Twitter asked about what features should be offered regarding paid membership. Among these features was tweet retrieval.

This undo feature may not work exactly as retrieving the dropped tweet. Judging by the screenshots, the user is given a certain amount of time before posting the tweet. Accordingly, the platform will allow you to press the undo button and correct the sharing during this time.

Twitter hasn’t given a clue as to whether the feature will be for paid subscription or for all members. Twitter users have been waiting for the ability to rearrange their tweets since the platform was established.

New Twitter features

Twitter has made many innovations, especially during the pandemic period. The Instagram-like Fletts feature is one of them. Social media users

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