Auto Chess game comes to PlayStation 5!  Here is that date

Auto Chess game comes to PlayStation 5! Here is that date

Popular free-to-play strategy game Auto Chess new generation soon PlayStation 5 comes to your console. Players will be offered many features, along with faster loading times, DualSense’s haptic feedback, and PS-specific characters.

Drodo Studio The multiplayer strategy game developed by the company in 2019 has a large fan base. Firstly Android After the production that comes to its users iOScame to same year Epic Games Store through PCHe had begun to support. The game in 2020 PlayStation 4He also signaled the next generation console by stepping into. Finally expected PS5 The release date has been set for the version.

Auto Chess will be on PlayStation 5 next week!

PlayStationAccording to the post on the official blog page of Auto Chess, it is against PS5 users. On Tuesday, March 30 will be released. Still available for free PS4, PC and with mobile devices will show cross compatibility.

Interesting than each other in the renewed Auto Chess PlayStation 5 features will stand out. The main one of these is DualSense. Thanks to the successful game controller of PS5, users will get full efficiency from the game. Product marketing manager of the game Weiming Zhao In support of this, he said the following sentences:

We realized that the tactile feedback of the DualSense wireless controller will give us an extra punch to the celebration moments we deserve. Star a chess piece, win a battle, defeat an enemy player. The excitement of making a successful move or finishing the game will make more sense with the shock from DualSense.

Auto Chess

Auto Chess is coming to PlayStation 5 on March 30.

Auto Chess season 11 kicks off on March 28

With the new generation updates, you will no longer encounter long waiting times when you start the game. While the graphics are improved in an ultra clear way; also exclusive to PlayStation 5 console Date Masamune You will be presented with a character named. But this will be paid. Who are interested in-game store or PlayStation Store will be able to obtain the character through.

Finally, a few days before Auto Chess arrives on PS5, we will face a brand new season. Of the game 11. Sezon: The Legend of Lamp Witch division 28 Mart’ta It will be distributed to PS4, PC and mobile users. Players on PS5 will have access to the last season as soon as the production is available for download.

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