Apple Watch 6 to detect signs of Covid-19

Apple Watch 6 to detect signs of Covid-19

Smart watch and wristband Such wearable technologies can make our lives easier in many areas. These products, thanks to the technologies they have, can convey us a lot of information about our health. Apple, Watch 6 wants to take this situation a little further.

Collaborating with Washington University ABD’li company, smart watches Covid-19 He’s working on a feature that he can detect his symptoms.

Apple will detect the disease before the doctor

Build a team to run the work ABD’li The tech giant plans to use the oxygen and heartbeat sensor on the watch for the project. The company will automatically monitor the data received from these sensors, looking for early signs of Covid-19 or various respiratory diseases. If the system determines that it is an early symptom Apple Watch 6will inform its user. The company wants this feature to detect problems such as heart failure and asthma early in the future.


Apple Watch 6, “Will it detect that you are Covid?? ” The answer to the question is briefly no. The smartwatch will not give results regarding the disease as offered by the test kits available today. However, the watch, which will recognize and detect some symptoms, will alert you to go to the hospital. Thus, the user, who will have the chance to detect his disease early, will start his treatment earlier.

Smart watcheshas saved the lives of users in some health conditions in the past. For example, the falling mode on the watch can detect that the wearer has fallen. The clock, which displays a notification on the screen, activates the healthcare teams if the notification is not clicked within a certain period of time. Same time EKG These products, which also have features such as heart rate tracking, can see early that there is a problem in the heart rhythm. Thus, the user who receives early warning has the chance to take precautions.

Apple Watch 6 features

  • Measuring Oxygen in the blood
  • Electrical heart sensor: ECG
  • Sleep tracking
  • Activity tracking: (Such as running, swimming, yoga, cycling, dancing.)
  • Second generation optical heart sensor
  • Emergency (SOS) notifications
  • 324 x 394 pixels, 1,000 nit screen to brightness level

So, you AppleWhat do you think about the work done by? Apple Watch Will smart watches such as be used in the early diagnosis of diseases in the future? You can write your opinion in the comments.

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