Apple plans major camera upgrade for 2022

Apple plans major camera upgrade for 2022

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple, 2022is planning a major camera upgrade in Allegedly the company was on flagship phones that year 48 Megapixels resolution will include the lens.

In a note to investors Wednesday, Kuo said Apple’s senior “iPhone 14” For wide angle camera module of models 1 / 1.3 48 Megapixels in the aperture range CMOS foreseeing its adoption of the image sensor.

Apple to use new lens in basic and Pro models

The company first focused on wide-angle camera technology. In the following years, telephoto and ultra wide switched to angled systems.

Also, the new camera upgrade is expected to support hybrid operating modes to maximize sensor pixel size and take advantage of hardware light gathering capabilities.

“We believe the new 2H22 iPhone can support 48 Megapixel output directly and 12 Megapixel output at the same time,” said Kuo.

Also, Kuo said, “With 12 Megapixels output, the CIS pixel size of the new 2H22 iPhone increases to 2.5 μm, which is significantly larger than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 and close to the DSC level, which is larger than current Android phones. made the statement.

At 48 Megapixel resolutions, Kuo provides approximate pixel size 1.25 um He states that. As a reference, iPhone 12Kuo predicts that this year’s iPhone 13 will have a sensor with 2 um pixels, while the ‘s pixels work at 1.7 um.

High resolution sensor, iPhone’s available 4K over the limit 8K expected to support video recording. Although frame rates are not mentioned in the resulting report, Kuo believes the new sensor will benefit augmented reality devices.

Kuo also stated that the current supplier Sony will manufacture the sensor and LG will work on a compact camera module (CCM).

Apple’s 48 Megapixels With the transition, it is expected to pay more per camera module. At the same time, in addition to tilt control, CCM calibration is expected to be more complex than current iPhone models due to the increased surface area of ​​the sensor.

As it is known, the iPhone 12 Pro was the first device to apply sensor shift stabilization in the wide-angle module.

Kuo said that Apple will stop the iPhone mini line in 2022, and the base model and the “Pro” line only. 6.1 and 6.7 inch He suggests that he will offer variants.

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