Apple Pencil leak heralding iPad Pro 2021

Apple Pencil leak heralding iPad Pro 2021

New generation iPad Pro 2021 The special digital pen of the tablet shortly before we met with Apple Pencil leaked to the internet. Although the renewed pen is visually indistinguishable from the older generations, of course it contains some minor changes.

For now, it remains unclear when the iPad Pro 2021 will be released. Apple While he does not make any explanation about it, various reports claim that the device may go on sale this month. In support of these allegations, recent leaks related to the device continue to appear repeatedly. The last leak shows us what the special pen of the tablet will look like.

Apple Pencil has been redesigned for iPad Pro 2021

One of the most important accessories of the awaited device has emerged in a short time before the renewed iPad Pro 2021 is presented to the consumer! Mr White According to the photo shared by the technology agent named on his Twitter account Apple Pencil it will meet with its user in its new form.

iPad Pro (2021) Designed specifically for the new Apple Pencil, at first glance, it does not seem to contain much change compared to the past versions. However, looking carefully, the pen is brighter surfacehave e. Also in size bigger stops. In addition, it is prepared to be replaced against wear and tear. pen tips it was also enlarged in the same way.

Many professional illustrators today iPad Considering that it performs from the devices; It’s not unusual for Apple to show weight for digital pens. In addition to the resulting visual changes, the pen is thought to have been technically improved, although it is not disclosed for now. It is anticipated that improvements have been made in issues such as pressure and grip control.

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