Apple may be working on a new TV

Apple may be working on a new TV

Apple TV 4Khasn’t been updated in more than three and a half years, meaning eternity in technology. But 9to5Mac, new tvOS 14.5 beta references 120 Hz It reports that it supports refresh rates. The feature not currently available on current Apple TV models may indicate that Apple is working on a new version of the set-top box.

While it’s unclear what Apple could use the 120 Hz refresh rate for on a new Apple TV, PlayStation 5 ve Xbox Series XOne of the interesting possibilities is thought to be smoother gameplay, as in. Due to the increased interest in gaming recently, it is anticipated that the new Apple TV will have more game-oriented features.

Apple TV can take a more game-centric approach

Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TVthat allows you to play games and move your progress between platforms. Apple Arcade added a number of new games to the game subscription service. also iOS 14.5, macOS 11.3 and tvOS 14.5 all of its betas, PlayStation 5’in DualSense Includes support for controller and Xbox Series X controller.

Apple TV models

According to an emerging report for Apple TV 120 Hz supportWas to be released in December. But Apple’s on a new TV this year “Stronger game focus” allegedly working on it.

This report also states that the new set-top box will feature a redesigned remote control, which will be easier to use. While we don’t know exactly when Apple will announce this rumored device, if you’re thinking of buying a new Apple TV, you might want to wait a bit.

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