Apple Maps will show busy status

Apple Maps will show busy status

Apple has been found to be working on a new feature to show users how busy a particular business is before they visit. According to the feature detected Apple Mapswill bring the feature together with users based on anonymous location data.

First detected by a user on Reddit, the feature will use location data to gather details about how busy a place is. Also Apple’s to explain this feature Settings application of Location Services in section Privacy It is stated that it has updated its menu.

Data will be collected anonymously

As mentioned above, if the interests of the Apple privacy-protecting feature are open and busy “Notify users” It states that it will use anonymous location data for According to the statement made on the subject “When you open an app near a business point, relevant data will be collected.” Also, let’s note that it is not yet clear whether this feature will be based on Apple Maps data or third-party applications.

Apple explains the issue as follows;

“Routing and Traffic: When you are in transit (for example, walking or driving), your iPhone will periodically send GPS data, travel speed and barometric pressure information to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. This information will then match the crowdsourced road traffic and atmospheric correction databases. In addition, when you open an app near a point of interest (such as a business or park), your iPhone will send the location data to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form, and Apple will aggregate this data so that users know if the landmark is open. “

It is unclear when Apple plans to roll out its real-time audience data feature to Apple Maps. But iOS 14.5The feature is currently not available in the current beta version of. It is thought that the feature may have been added in a future beta version, or that Apple may be keeping it for a later version.

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