Apple did not back down on Parler

Apple did not back down on Parler

Apple denied Parler’s last attempt to return to the App Store. It looks like Parler’s App Store exile will continue. Bloomberg, Apple’s recent application iPhonethe offer to go back to the ‘ “Extremely objectionable content” stated that he refused by citing reasons.

As you may remember, Apple, U.S. CapitolFirst, shortly after the uprisings in App Storelifted from. Apple said it needs to do more to improve content control for the app and keep dangerous and hateful content off its platform.

Parler needs more effort

Company, “Until you get an update that complies with the App Store Review Guidelines and demonstrates your ability to effectively monitor and filter dangerous and harmful content on your service.” He stated that the suspension will be valid.

BloombergAccording to Apple, Apple also rejected Parler’s latest offer to rejoin the App Store last month. Of the latest iteration of Apple’s policies to Parler “Sufficient to comply with App Store Review guidelines” Reported that he said it was not

The problem is not just Parler’s policies, but the kind of app that the app still wants Apple to address. “With extremely objectionable content” It is thought to be the fact that it is full.

For Apple, Parler “Simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identifiable offensive uses of Nazi symbols and derogatory terms related to race, religion, and sexual orientation.” He commented.

Parler has not yet responded to the request for comment. “Freedom of speech” app has been expelled from Apple and Google’s app stores, and Amazon Web Services He is still trying to find a way forward after being disconnected from him.

Parler’s website is now backed up and running, but its future remains uncertain. CEO John Matze He was fired in February, and Bloomberg reported that seven other staff members were also released, including all iOS developers.

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