Apple brings the popular feature of Amazon to Siri

Apple brings the popular feature of Amazon to Siri

When you are in a loud environment Apple’s voice assistant service Sirican detect your command. But you may have difficulty hearing his answer. When you are in a quieter environment, Siri’s voice may sound like yelling at you.

Technology giant Apple has obtained a patent to prevent this situation. Soon Sirithe sound level iPhone will be able to adjust according to the environment of the users. Before Amazon Alexa This feature, which we encountered in the service, can now be used easily on iPhones.

Siri will soon add options to shout or whisper

The last Apple bought patent In the future, it will change Siri’s volume and speech according to environmental factors. Popular voice assistant app it will automatically detect if the room is noisy or quiet. It will appeal to users with a higher or lower tone accordingly.


Siri will soon talk to users based on ambient conditions.

The details in the patent also show that Siri will adapt to your voice level. Artificial intelligence, which detects how you speak, will think that you are in a crowded environment when it realizes you are shouting at it. Otherwise, Siri will notify you when you speak in a low voice. in whispers will answer.

Apple tracks Amazon

The voice assistant feature that speaks in a shout and whisper is not the first idea that came into Apple’s mind. Because the same function before Amazon developed by Alexa We saw it in the digital assistant.

Adapting to ambient sound in a way quite similar to the above patent Alexa feature ofis actually a function that many users have been familiar with for a long time. But Apple he realized this a little late.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa has been offering the feature that Apple will implement in its new patent for years.

Emerging new Apple patent it’s just an idea for now. So soon a iPhone There is no absolute guarantee that we will encounter this feature on the phone. Because the company obtains many such patents every year and only a small part of them comes to life. Whether this patent will be applied or not will be determined soon.

But what do you think of Apple’s new patent for Siri? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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