Apple and Google's store law voting bypassed

Apple and Google’s store law voting bypassed

Arizona State Senate Apple and Google The comprehensive and highly controversial bill for the payment systems of mobile app stores was to be voted last day. However, the Senate did not even bring the controversial bill to its agenda.

Unprecedented changes await Apple and Google stores

The bill, which includes unprecedented changes in how both technology giants operate in-app payment systems and mobile app stores, was expected to be voted on the other day. However, no statement was made about the voting and it was almost under the summons. First on the agenda Arizona HB2005 The bill named was never brought to the agenda.


As for the allegations made, Apple’s that he stepped in to stop the voting. Allegedly the firm’s former managing director and Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey, it mediated attempts to block the bill from being voted on. Besides, it was known that both Apple and Google hired lobbyists to eliminate the bill. In case of approval and signing App Store and Google Play Store’dan The bill, which will become a haven for app makers looking to escape, will undermine cuts from all app sales and sales of digital products. In addition, both companies will be forced to establish a state-specific implementation system.

Apple’s chief compliance officer Kyle Andeer, earlier this month App Store’a He argued that they provided enough value to the developers to justify the 30 percent cut he made. Andeer, “Apple provides a tremendous amount of value to developers. It includes both the store to distribute their apps worldwide and the studio support to build them. The commission ignores this, ”he said.

He Apple hem de Google It runs the two most dominant app stores in the world. Google Play Store while allowing alternative app stores and therefore alternative payment systems, Apple does not do that. This is also iOS of all digital purchases on Apple’s 30 percent cut or in some cases 15 percent means it is subject to reduced cuts. Both companies have both Android him iOShas announced changes that allow smaller developers, representing the vast majority of app makers in, to claim a 15 percent discount. However, this did little to encourage the developers.

Source: The Verge

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