Another postponement for the Uncharted movie

Another postponement for the Uncharted movie

Sony is expected to be released on February 11 Uncharted filmi made a postponement statement for. Release date of the movie To February 18, 2022 while being shot, the decision represents the second postponement in the project.

Uncharted movie will be shown in the best quality

in January Of Tom Holland starring Uncharted film, due to production problems. From July 2021 It was postponed to February of next year. However, the studio adaptation one week delay From February 11 to 18 Announced that it was taken to February. Sony’nin having a subsidiary Columbia Pictures, film Of 2022 first-class large formats at their start, and IMAX’ta aims to watch in movie theaters.

Another postponement for the Uncharted movie

The movie Zombieland: Double Trap is directed by Ruben Fleischer. In the script of the movie that went to change directors six times Iron Man’dan Art Marcum’un has signature. On the other hand, in the writing of the script again Iron Man’dan Matt Holloway and Agents of Shield’dan Rafe Judkins also contributes. In the movie based on the story of the game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Nathan Drake to character Tom Holland will give life. also Mark Wahlberg’i Victor Sullivan, Sophia Ali’yi Chole Frazer and Antonio Banderas’ı we will see in a character that has not yet been announced.

Firstly 2008 Tom Holland, who played the leading role in the movie project launched in Esquire’a In an interview he touched on the difficulties of the role and said, “In the sword scenes I was beaten and injured. It occurred on my knee. Never again will I be found from a sword fight scene. My final decision ”he said.

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