Android 12 Developer Preview 1.1 released

Android 12 Developer Preview 1.1 released

Android 12 The first developer version for it was recently released. The beta version features redesigned notifications with larger icons and a custom snooze button. Notifications changed with every Android update, Android 12It offers multiple visual changes instead of functional changes.

Today, Google does not introduce new features. Android 12 Developer Preview 1.1 released version.

The first bug fix update for Android 12 has arrived

The update (SPP1.210122.022), which includes the security patches for the month of March, has a complete bug fix. Fixed issues include intermittent Wi-Fi disconnection even when the signal is strong, taking a screenshot from the lock screen resulting in an error, partial wakefulness issues that caused battery drain, and the fingerprint reader not responding when the device is suspended.

android 12 developer preview 1.1

Android 12

In addition to these issues, the settings app crashes, system UI freezes, emergency alerts functionality crashes, the device restarts itself, and solutions for restarting after PIN unlock are also offered.

The Android 12 DP 1.1 version, with a size of about 5 MB, can be easily installed with the “Check for updates” button in Settings. If you want to install from scratch manually, you can use the links below.

– Pixel 5: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 4a (5G): Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 4a: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 4 XL: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 4: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 3a XL: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 3a: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 3 XL: Factory ImageOTA
Pixel 3: Factory ImageOTA

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