Among Us keeps getting updates

Among Us keeps getting updates

Among Us keeps getting updates. Although it lost its former popularity, the developer team continues to release updates. Among Us Nintendo Switch included in the version “Fast chat wheel” It made the players on that platform quite comfortable, because typing something in the chat interface of Nintendo Switch was very troublesome for users. Developer InnerSlothThe fast chat wheel has provided Nintendo Switch users with a practical solution.

Among Us the ‘quick chat wheel’ has arrived on all platforms

Among Us has received the update, bringing the feature available on Nintendo Switch to all platforms. With the quick chat wheel feature, a convenience will be provided for players who only chat with text. When you turn on the wheel, in order from above, Accusation, Crew, Systems, Location, Statements, Question ve Response include options. The quick chat wheel has an age limit. Players under the age of 18 compulsorily use the Quick chat wheel.

Among Us g√ľncelleme

InnerSloth, this age limit 13 and plans to lower it to the bottom. The aim is to protect young children from bullying and to make the game better for their children. Quick chat wheel You can perform many functions with it and it seems enough to play the game. With the update released yesterday, the fast chat wheel can be used on all platforms.

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