AMD bleeds in the graphics card market

AMD bleeds in the graphics card market

Which took the processor market by storm AMD, Unfortunately, this success cannot be sustained in the graphics card market. The company is in the near future to change the course Radeon 6000 launched the series graphics cards. But AMD, though his rival Nvidia’ya continues to lose its market share. According to the latest reports, the company is in the graphics card market 3’te 1 experienced downsizing.

AMD has difficulties in graphics card production

For years Nvidia can’t compete with the cards AMD, it was pretty close to achieving this with the graphics cards that were recently introduced. However, the company faced other problems this time. Radeon 6900 XT and 6800 XT The company, which has difficulties in releasing such models to the market, loses its customers to its competitors. The reason why the cards are not available in the market is crypto money production troubles, not miners.

The production shortage experienced due to the pandemic affects many companies. Problems in the production of semiconductor processors It comes across in almost every product, from mobile phones to cars. AMD also takes its share from these troubles. But the company’s competitor Nvidia, Despite the shortage of production, more cards are released. This situation causes AMD to lose a significant amount of market share.

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Another reason for the problems in production is TSMC. Producing processors for many different companies TSMC, has a wide range of customers. AMD, Like many companies, it supplies the essential parts for graphics cards from here. But PlayStation 5, new Xbox and Apple generating its processors TSMC, It keeps AMD in the queue. When the troubles will end remains a mystery for now.

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