Amazon will benefit from Rainbow Six in its new studio

Amazon will benefit from Rainbow Six in its new studio

Amazon Games, Canada is preparing to open a new game studio in Montreal. The studio to be opened by the company is one of the popular games. Tom Clacy’s Rainbow Six Siege It will be managed by its developers.

Amazon Games doesn’t want failure in its multiplayer project

Amazon, which has been struggling to release popular games in recent years, is demonstrating its commitment to game development with a new studio to open. What he did the other day in the statement the firm will focus on a new online multiplayer project and AAA to create games Montreal He shared with the public that he will open a studio based. New studio opened, Ubisoft’un Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’i will be managed by the experienced team working on it.


Amazın Games’in The studio he opened in Montreal, Seeatle, San Diego and Orange County’de It becomes the fourth studio of the company with the studios located in it. One of the people transferred from Ubisoft and appointed as the creative director of the new studio Xavier Marquis In his statement, “Siege with 8 years we have an experience. “We are now excited to work with the freedom to turn a blank slate and create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer space.”

Amazon, Although he invested in original games and in-house studios and struggled to make a name for himself in game development, he didn’t achieve the success he wanted. The firm was free to play in the past year FPS game Crucible’ı withdrawn and then canceled. Among other challenges faced by Amazon The Grand Tour’un withdrawal of video game adaptation after bad review scores and another major original game project Of the New World to be postponed to later this year.

However, all these failures and fiascos achieved, Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy does not seem to deter them from their goals. Jassy, In an e-mail sent to his employees last month, he said that he sincerely believed that the game development department would achieve success even if they remained in the middle.

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