Alibaba fined $ 2.8 billion

Alibaba fined $ 2.8 billion

Chinese authorities examine alleged monopoly practices anti-comfort after finishing the investigation of alibaba 2.8 billion dollars fined.

as you will remember State Market Regulatory Authority In December, the e-commerce giant’s “questionable monopolistic behavior“, In particular, has launched an investigation into his policy of forcing merchants to sell on their platform and prevent them from selling on competing e-commerce websites.

Alibaba agreed to pay the penalty

In a statement published on Watchdog’s website, it is stated that the policy implemented as a result of the research eliminates and restricts competition in the country and prevents innovation in the online retail platform industry.

Alibaba trying to ease tensions with Trump administration

As a result of the decision made, the regulator Chinapunished the company according to the anti-monopoly law of the Republic of Turkey and stopped its illegal activities as well as 4 percentHe ordered a penalty equivalent to his reputation.

$ 2.8 billion The fine does not jeopardize Alibaba’s finances. But the Chinese government antimonopoly in 2015 for violating the law Qualcommapplied to 975 million dollars exceeds the punishment.

In a statement sent to the NYT, Alibaba stated that it would accept the penalty and said, “Since he will fulfill his social responsibilities betterHe expressed that he would be sure.

China began to follow tech giants more closely last year and lawmakers antimonopoly They proposed an update to the law to add specific rules to them.

Especially Jack Mabusiness of China, for giving unnecessary loans during a finance summit, “government pawn shopsIt seems like he has become a target in his own country after calling it. Their managers even had to form a task force to deal with regulators on a daily basis.

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