Alaskan glaciers face a rare event

Alaskan glaciers face a rare event

Alaska glaciers rare occurrence he is witnessing an event. In Denali National Park Muldrow buzulu, than normal 50 to 100 times faster It started to move. Scientists have fluctuation what they call and it rarely happens He stated that they could not fully understand the reason for this. However, the consensus is that this rare fluctuation climate changes due to increase in frequency.

Alaskan glaciers are moving 50 to 100 times faster than normal

Professor of environmental science at Columbia University Jonny Kingslakeglacier fluctuations are indeed bizarre events, he said in a video call. These fluctuations, according to Kinsglake, glaciers has been fascinated for years. The movement of the glaciers is not seen for the first time. Under normal conditions, glaciers together with the seasons millimetrically is in motion. However, fluctuations increasing speed.

Parts of Alaska and Tibet about 1 percent of the world’s glaciers clustered in specific geographic areas such as they move much faster than usual they experience cyclical periods. During these periods, some glaciers at least 10 times gains speed. However, it is stated that the incident in Alaska occurred rarely.

National Park Service, ripple creating new cracks stated. For this reason, the NPS has warned about 1000 mountaineers who want to go to Denali for climbing purposes.

Ripples very rare events The factor causing them could not be found exactly. However, experts say that this particular surge event at Muldrow Glacier is likely. not linked to climate change they said. Geological evidence is about Muldrow’s past, the last being in the mid-1950s. Experiencing fluctuations every 50 years and it actually shows that it is delaying for a new surge.

However, recent research has shown that ice is released. that melting water helps suggests. In 2012, scientists found the largest ice field in Europe. Austfonna buzulunda studied the fluctuations that occurred. In one of those ripples 1.7 million olympic swimming pools enough water gushed out to fill it. Researchers have noted that melting water due to rising temperatures accumulates and this fluctuation phenomenon. that you might be responsible for triggering stated.

Alaska glaciers abnormally not the first fast-moving glaciers. In 2002, a glacier in Russia 17.7 kilometers in six minutes traveled a long way and crashed into a village. Living in the village as a result of the impact 100 people he lost his life. When the glacier hits the village speeds up to 241.4 kilometers per hour had reached.

Muldrow Glacier ripple, on our ever warmer planet It started to be seen as a routine event.

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